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Our mission is to deliver value to life through information, awareness, advocacy and services to enhance the quality of life of all age groups.


Our Vision is a world in which, everyone attains their rights,
enjoy their freedom and equality and lives in a safe environment.

Help Raise the Voice against Child Sexual Abuse


million children in India

India has the largest child population in the world!

% of children victim to abuse

Children undergo physical, mental and emotional abuse which affects them life long, unless they succumb to death.

% of crime by family members

Unfortunately, most crimes go unnoticed as the culprit is one of the family itself. The child is terrorized and threatened to be quiet and this results in immense shame, guilt and suffering. Most of these children commit suicide when they grow up.

% of cases unreported

Such matters are rarely brought to the notice of the parent or guardian. Local authorities are not contacted. The child ultimately suffers alone.